Town of Pittsford NY


July 14, 2013

The Pittsford Collaborative Leadership Team has released a report by the Pittsford Community Collaboration (PCC) Task Force identifying current collaborative efforts and recommending future opportunities for collaboration among Pittsford’s Town, School District and Village.

The report

includes a variety of recommendations for further collaborative opportunities between the Town, School District and Village; the Executive Summary includes an overview of the recommendations made in each of five (5) areas. The full report made by the PCC Task Force provides background information and more detail on current and suggested collaborative efforts.

The members of the Pittsford Collaborative Leadership Team at the time – former Pittsford Town Supervisor Bill Carpenter, former Pittsford Central School District Superintendent Mary Alice Price and Pittsford Village Mayor Bob Corby – charged the PCC Task Force with finding additional opportunities for collaboration between the three entities and were pleased with the level of effort and professionalism exhibited by the task force and the thoroughness of the report.

“With so many current examples of collaboration, the Task Force members had to work diligently to find additional opportunities that were truly viable for our community and they did an excellent job” said Supervisor Zutes.

Mayor Corby agreed. "The task force members volunteered a great deal of personal time, effort, and research. The Leadership Team will carefully evaluate the report's recommendations to see if they can help each of us better achieve our respective missions” he said.

“The report is very thorough and well organized,” added Superintendent Pero. “It will serve as a valuable tool and help us raise our collaborative efforts to the next level.”

The PCC Task Force was appointed in October, 2011 by the Pittsford Collaborative Leadership Team. Task Force members (see list below) were selected from a community-wide pool of applicants. Two representatives each from the town, village and district also sat on the committee as liaisons.

Pittsford Community Collaboration Task Force members
Lisa Cove
Edward Doherty
Scott D. Hall
Paula Liebschutz
Diane Prososki Lockwood
Karen Pond

The Pittsford Community Collaboration Task Force was established by the Pittsford Collaborative Leadership Team, a group comprised of Pittsford town, village and school district officials with a shared mission to determine areas in which the three entities can share resources and collaborate for “the betterment of all who live, work, play and learn in the Pittsford community” while continuing to achieve the mission and goals of each entity. For a list of recent examples of "day to day" collaborative efforts between the Town, School District and Village, click HERE.