Town of Pittsford NY

Town's Triple-A Credit Rating Reaffirmed

November 6, 2017

Moody's Investor Service has once again reaffirmed Pittsford's "Triple-A / Stable" credit rating. The Town’s rating is the highest of any Town in the State of New York.  

In announcing the reaffirmed rating, Moody's cited specifically the Town's

  • "healthy financial position and strong management"
  • "conservative budgeting"
  • "strong financial management practices"

As is standard practice, Moody's re-evaluated the Town of Pittsford’s credit rating in connection with the pending issuance of bonds; the Town is issuing bonds to finance its Community Center project.

The higher a Town’s credit rating, the less it costs taxpayers for public projects.

Find the full Moody's report here:

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