Town of Pittsford NY

Give Zoning Code Update Comments & Ideas Via Email and Mail

May 25, 2021

Zoning Update Meetings: regular online meetings conducted by Town Board, see schedule and Zoom links here.
Our Zoning Code Update is underway.  We encourage all Town of Pittsford stakeholders (residents, business and property owners, community leaders, and taxpayers) to participate in the update.  Substantial input and feedback from a broad range of our community members is essential to ensure the updated Zoning Code reflects the community’s development preferences and future vision!
To let us know your thoughts about how and where to implement zoning changes that will best meet the needs defined in our Comprehensive Plan and Active Transportation Plan:

When submitting comments, please indicate whether you are a Town or Village resident.

Learn more about the Zoning Code Update, and find links to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, Active Transportation Plan, current Zoning Code, and other informational materials, on the Zoning Code Update website at
If you missed our first online Zoning Code Update Workshop, you can view it here.  This link also can be found on the Zoning Code Update website.  Additional public input events – including an opportunity to provide direct feedback on the proposed Zoning Code and Map updates – will be offered later on in the project timeline.  Check for further updates and information. The contents of the project webpage will be updated as the Zoning Code Update progresses.
About the Zoning Code Update Process:

Municipal zoning codes influence the communities they serve in a variety of ways. Primarily, they dictate the types of land uses allowable and in which locations. They also inform the design of buildings and landscapes and outline property maintenance expectations. Municipal zoning codes are shaped over time based on the land use recommendations in local community planning initiatives and feedback from the community. The Town of Pittsford’s Zoning Code (Town Code Chapter 185) was adopted in 1992 and amended multiple times thereafter (most recently in June 2020). Over time, shifts in markets and technologies, and continuing planning initiatives, including the Town’s recent local plans and studies such as the 2019 Comprehensive Plan and 2020 Joint Town and Village Active Transportation Plan, drive the need to update the Zoning Code.
The Town of Pittsford has hired a team of community planning and zoning professionals led by Barton & Loguidice to lead the Zoning Code Update. Through this update, the Town intends to bring the Zoning Code into alignment with the goals of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan and other recent planning initiatives. This effort is also intended to improve the Zoning Code’s clarity and user-friendliness.