Town of Pittsford NY

Aug. 27 - Sept. 2: Paul Spiegel Interview & SHS Cardboard Regatta

August 27, 2015

Pittsford programming August 27 - September 2 on Channel 12 features a "Pittsford Personalities" interview with former Town Supervisor Paul Spiegel by Town Historian Audrey Johnson. Also this week on Cable 12 is our Summer Concert Series with Sinatra era music by Frank's Rat Pack and the pops music of the Pittsford Fire Department Band. In addition you can see the Pittsford Student Produced Morning News, watch as Jefferson Road students receive iPad apps form a grant and view the SHS Cardboard Regatta – as well as Pittsford announcements and information.

Pittsford programming on Channel 12 for 8/27 – 9/2:

Pittsford Summer Concert Series - Frank's Rat Pack
Pittsford Personalities with Audrey Johnson: Paul Spiegel '14
Pittsford Student Produced Morning News, Jefferson Rd. Students receive iPad apps from grant, SHS Cardboard Regatta
Pittsford Summer Concert Series - Pittsford Fire Department Band

Our local Cable Channel 12 broadcast format has been updated to provide you with Pittsford programming at various times throughout the day! A weekly program schedule and a continuous live feed of Channel 12 programming are now available on the Pittsford Town website’s Cable 12 page. Current Pittsford community announcements can be found there as well.

The Cable Channel 12 schedule repeats each day for one week, Thursday through Wednesday; a new schedule is updated every week. To provide multiple opportunities for viewing, programming is “mirrored” each day – a show that runs at 10AM will also run at 10PM. As time permits, programs may be shown again the following week. The live scheduling/broadcast format combines Pittsford, East Rochester and Fairport programs and announcements.